PI Solutions helps an organization tap into the minds and motives of the people with whom it interacts and manages.  We strive for insights into the critical connections between people (talent or customers) and the organization, as a way to enrich organizational results.  We strive for insights into the aspirations and potential of talent, as a way to enrich career and retention.

We can assess leadership competencies or behaviors, cognitive agility (the way decisions are made as well as the kinds of decisions made), employee engagement, or customer relationships.  Our consulting team members are certified in a range of assessment tools including Lominger, DiSC, Myers-Briggs MBTI, and The Profiler. We have a special partnership with Shoya Zichyand we often use her Color Q tool with coaching clients in the FUSIONCoaching process. 

By obtaining and examining data on employee perceptions, PI Solutions:

  • Establishes a clear and meaningful sense of the relationship between employees or customers and the organization
  • Surfaces actionable data that will impact recruitment/retention/succession
  • Determines drivers of cutomer or talent retention
  • Provides baselines for benchmarking and business process improvement
  • Strengthens relationships between talent and the organization

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