Performance Management

Organizations cannot achieve good, let alone outstanding, business results unless their people perform to their fullest potential. Rigorous performance management processes are essential in today’s world. They create the objectives to be met… ensure that accountability for achieving those objectives is understood… reward achievement appropriately… and establish a path for on-going careers or leadership development. Performance management is strategic work, hands-on management work, and daily/individual work. We work in all these arenas of performance management, to ensure results.

Specifically, we help organizations develop ways to determine what is needed from positions, assess how employees are doing in those roles, and create developmental options. We help managers create the measures of success and help them ensure that individuals achieve those goals. The work includes the creation of competencies for key or all positions, the establishment and communication of individual goals that are aligned with corporate goals, coaching of managers on how to give (and get) feedback, and, if appropriate, support for the implementation of performance management technology.

Our approach is always practical, in that it is aimed at achieving business results, yet its effect is cultural, building organizational and individual change over time. We are able to set strategic direction or to work at the level of individual coaching.